By Sandor Blaskó

MEPs Moritz Körner, Valérie Hayer & Katalin Cseh

🇪🇺 The European Parliament adopted this week a resolution initiated by our Group calling on the Commission to apply the Rule of Law conditionality mechanism in place since 1 January or otherwise face legal actions.

⚠️ This serves as a loud and clear warning: Upholding our EU values is not optional — it is in fact the obligation of the Commission as guardian of the treaties. The provisions on the mechanism are legally binding and they serve to protect EU funds from corruption — we will not accept further delays!

💶 Last year we fought tooth and…

by Jennifer Richard

Today, the European Parliament adopted a revision of the exports control regime for dual-use items. The legislation now includes cyber-surveillance technologies. Renew Europe welcomes this much-needed update, that ensures new technological developments do not fall outside of the scope of European export rules.

Renew Europe pushed for an ambitious update to take into account the human rights and security risks of cyber-surveillance technologies. “We should never allow cyber surveillance technologies to end up in the wrong hands. …

by Yannick Laude

Of all the sectors of economic activity in the European Union, tourism is undoubtedly the one that has suffered the most from the pandemic crisis, not sparing any of the Member States, but even more for those which usually welcome millions of European holidaymakers. The European tourism ecosystem is thus going through the worst difficulties in its history and its survival requires a strong political response. The sector employs 22.6 million people across Europe, or 11.2% of the labour market. Renew Europe considers that it is urgent not only to support the recovery of the myriads of…

by Yannick Laude

Meeting today in a virtual plenary session, the European Parliament has adopted the report of Catherine Chabaud (Renaissance, France) on the impact of marine litter on fisheries.

“This is a subject which is particularly close to my heart because I observed the first debris of marine litter at sea 30 years ago, during my first offshore races. I have been involved for many years in the preservation and protection of marine ecosystems and have campaigned for the development of more sustainable fishing practices. …

by Caroline Rhawi

The murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia is on the agenda of the European Parliament today. Three years after her death, there is movement in the case. One conviction has finally been handed down, and multiple people were arrested in connection with the cases Caruana Galizia was investigating. This is all very encouraging, but there is a dark side too. Three years is a lot of time in a criminal case. Time equals opportunity. Opportunity to erase evidence and to cover tracks. Breakthroughs in the murder case hinge almost exclusively on testimony by co-conspiritors who receive…

By Jennifer Richard

Today, the INTA committee of the European Parliament has adopted the report that approves the concluded Voluntary Partnership Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Honduras on forest law, governance and trade in timber products to the EU. This report is under the leadership of Karin Karlsbro, Renew Europe’s coordinator in the International trade committee. “This is one of those moments when I feel that the EU can make a difference in the world, when trade can truly be a tool for sustainability. Voluntary Partnership agreements contribute to better regulation and governance of the forest…

By Yannick Laude

MEP Nicolae Ștefănuță

The year 2022 will remain a year of economic crisis for many European sectors and regions. The EU’s 2021 budget, the first in the post-Brexit Multiannual Financial Framework, laid the groundwork for a budget to combat the disastrous effects of the pandemic crisis. For Renew Europe, the Budget 2022 must continue this urgent response to the economic and social needs of the population but must also lay the foundations for a sustainable and solid recovery, focused on the ecological and digital transition of the European economy in order to develop new opportunities for the job market.

By Linda Aziz-Rohlje

On today’s labour market, only half of our citizens with disabilities in the European Union are in employment, far below the employment rate for those without disabilities. The Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament strongly regrets that people with disabilities continue to be overwhelmingly excluded from the labour market and thus denied their right to engage in work on an equal basis with others and believes this must change.

- “It is high time for Europe to create equal access and opportunity so that everyone, no matter if you are blind, suffer from hearing loss or…

Yesterday, Renew Europe welcomed the Executive Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis during its group meeting. That was the occasion to have an exchange of views on many topics concerning EU Trade policy.

A few weeks ago, the Commission published a communication on the Trade Policy Review and the objectives for EU Trade policy in the coming months and years. Renew Europe scrutinised the proposals of the Commission. In broad terms, the group supports the Commission’s strategy and shared with Valdis Dombrovskis some concerns.

In this pandemic context, our economic recovery needs trade. Our SMEs need trade. Our societies need trade. Trade is…

By Jennifer Richard

Today, the Commission has published its proposals concerning the Trade Policy Review. This Communication is a step in the right direction, remain open but protect our interests in a more assertive way, without being protectionist, with strong emphasis on multilateralism, sustainability, levelling the playing field and enforcement of our rights and values. Renew Europe welcomes this communication and will now begin to scrutinise it with attention. …

Renew Europe

We are the pro-European political group in the EP fighting for your freedom, civil rights while securing economic growth and jobs.

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