Interview with Dita Charanzová, Member of Renew Europe’s delegation to the Conference on the Future of Europe

Dita Charanzová (46) is a Czech Member of the European Parliament. She graduated from the University of Economics in Prague and the Diplomatic School in Madrid. Since 2018, she is one of the Vice Presidents of the ALDE party. In 2019, she was re-elected as an MEP and elected as Vice President of the European Parliament. …

Interview with Nicola Beer, Member of Renew Europe’s delegation to the Conference on the Future of Europe

Nicola Beer (51) is a German lawyer and politician of the Freie Demokratische Partei (FDP) and has been serving as a Member of the European Parliament since 2019. Previously, between 2013 and 2019 she was Secretary General of the FDP, while while also being Member of the German Bundestag from 2017 to 2019. Following her election to the European Parliament, she has been serving as one of its Vice-Presidents; in this capacity, she is member of the EP’s Bureau.

Q: Why did you…

By Sebastián Rodríguez

Today, the Parliamentary groups that we represent in the European Parliament, have recommended the appointment of Mr. Andreas V. Georgiou as the European Parliament’s representative in the European Statistical Governance Advisory Board (ESGAB). Mr. Andreas V. …

An interview with Malik Azmani, Member of Renew Europe’s delegation to the Conference on the Future of Europe and First Vice-President of the Group.

Malik Azmani (45) is a Dutch politician and former lawyer and civil servant from Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (VVD), elected to the European Parliament in 2019. He is the First Vice President of the Renew Europe group, and has been a member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. In 2021, he joined the parliament’s working group on Frontex, and his work focuses on the rule of law, borders and security.


by Roxana Lazarescu

Renew Europe reaffirms its strong support for culture and education, as the European Parliament adopted the Creative Europe Programme, Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Programme.

Our MEPs fought vigorously and successfully for on an increased budget for these initiatives that aim at providing much-needed support to the European cultural and educational scene, greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Renew Europe representatives are especially proud to have the Creative Europe programme, which supports culture and audio-visual sectors, focus on inclusion and gender equality.

Monica SEMEDO (Independent, Luxembourg) is shadow rapporteur on the Creative Europe Programme:

The Creative Europe…

by Linda Aziz-Rohlje

Citizens and businesses will soon be able to benefit from a big boost in Europe’s digital transformation, particularly within the fields of artificial intelligence, supercomputing, cybersecurity and advanced digital skills. The Digital Europe Programme (DEP), successfully negotiated under the leadership of Renew Europe’s MEP Valter Flego, got green light in plenary.

With DEP as one of the EU flagship programmes, Europe will be ready to speed up its digital transformation and become the global leader in the digital field”, says Mr Flego.

DEP is the first Pan-European digital investment programme ever, and a major step in…

by Linda Aziz-Rohlje

With nearly a quarter of all children in the EU at risk of poverty or social exclusion, it is high time to act and to ensure that no child is left behind anymore, in any part of the European Union. MEP Dragos Pislaru represented Renew Europe in the drafting of the resolution on the Child Guarantee that got green light in plenary on Thursday.

“We have new funds, new technology and new ideas in the European Union for guaranteeing a brighter future for children. It’s about time we use them and prioritise the investment in children!”

by Roxana Lazarescu

Renew Europe firmly advocates equal access to justice for all European citizens, without discrimination. The European Union must guarantee the respect of fundamental rights and the protection of victims through independent and impartial justice systems.

Our group is deeply committed to defending the rule of law and has fought for an increase of funding for the dedicated programmes under the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021–2027. Throughout the legislative procedure, Renew Europe has supported the Rights and Values and the Justice Programmes that aim to protect the European values.

We believe that the Rights and Values programme will give…

by Jennifer Richard

Today, the European Parliament has adopted the agreement on a mandatory transparency register. This agreement, between the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission, is an important step to improve transparency within the European institutions and ethical standards and transparency, as well, for interest representatives. Five years after the proposal from the Commission, here we are and it’s a victory.

Renew Europe supports this agreement since the beginning. Indeed, the current Transparency Register only applies to the European Parliament and the Commission. It is a light regime and it is clear that…

by Linda Aziz-Rohlje

It will soon be easier for citizens who have lost their jobs to get help in finding a new job or setting up their own business. On Wednesday the European Parliament approved the revised European Globalisation Adjustment Fund for displaced workers (EGF), which will allow more European workers to receive financial support.

“ As Renew Europe rapporteur, I welcome the Plenary adoption of the report, which sends a clear message of European solidarity to all displaced workers, especially in these very difficult times. We have sought to deliver the added value that citizens expect from the EU…

Renew Europe

We are the pro-European political group in the EP fighting for your freedom, civil rights while securing economic growth and jobs.

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