By Jennifer Richard

Today, the Commission has published its proposals concerning the Trade Policy Review. This Communication is a step in the right direction, remain open but protect our interests in a more assertive way, without being protectionist, with strong emphasis on multilateralism, sustainability, levelling the playing field and enforcement of our rights and values. Renew Europe welcomes this communication and will now begin to scrutinise it with attention. …

By Linda Aziz-Rohlje

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The European Union suffers from skills shortages and mismatches. The ongoing Covid-19 crises has further aggravated this pre-existing problem on the labour market. In addition to the European Union rapidly shifting towards digital transformation, citizens need to continuously reskill and upskill their competences in order to fully grasp the opportunities that these changes bring. Renew Europe’s aim is to ensure lifelong learning opportunities for all while enhancing the competitiveness of European companies, where bold goals need to be set up. …

Renew Europe welcomes Wednesday’s plenary approval of amendments to the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD), which make available additional resources for 2020 (retroactively), 2021 and 2022 as a response to the COVID outbreak and growing needs of the most vulnerable in the EU. As part of increased resources of almost 48 billion euros to cohesion policy under the EU 2014–2020 budget, the revision gives Member States the possibility to significantly increase resources for the most deprived citizens, who due to the ongoing pandemic are suffering more than ever.

“These additional resources to top up the FEAD…

Renew Europe believes the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) serves as a vital instrument to simplify the extradition of criminals between Member States. However, the instrument has some flaws that are being addressed in an implementation report debated in plenary today. The report highlights concerns relating to prison conditions, the lack of consistent data on execution and the shortfall in procedural safeguards, and seeks to avoid impunity in the Schengen area through judicial cooperation adapted to our digital era and threats to the rule of law.

Improving judicial cooperation in criminal matters to ensure that both the suspects and victims of…

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It will soon be easier for citizens who have lost their jobs to get help in finding a new job or setting up their own business. On Wednesday evening, a provisional agreement revising the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund for displaced workers (EGF) was reached between Parliament and Council.

“ As Renew Europe rapporteur, I welcome this agreement, which sends a clear message of European solidarity to all displaced workers, especially in these very difficult times,” says Marie-Pierre Vedrenne, Member of the European Parliament who has represented Renew Europe in the negotiations.

The EGF was established in 2006 and is a…

Capital and long-term perspective is required to carry out world-changing research and deliver much needed innovations. Therefore, Renew Europe is proud to announce that an ambitious amount of 95.5 billion euros has been secured to the key future-oriented programme Horizon Europe, stretching from next year until 2027, making it the world’s largest investment programme in research and innovation. The deal was reached at the concluding trilogue on Friday at dawn and will succeed the current programme, Horizon 2020.

MEP Dlabajovà, Coordinator for the Industry, Research and Energy Committee and Shadow Rapporteur for the Horizon Europe Regulation, says:

“ I consider…

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Europe’s technological know-how will from 2021 unite under a fully-fledged European Defence Fund of 8 billion euros, creating a joint innovative and competitive defence industrial base, after an agreement reached between the European Parliament and the Council on Monday. Renew Europe’s lead negotiator Dominique Riquet:

“We can welcome this step forward towards a more secure and protecting Europe, for the benefit of its citizens. On such a sovereign matter, setting up this Fund through the Union is a real sign of confidence and solidarity between Member States. Let us remember that in terms of military spending, the European Union is the second largest player in the world. This Fund should generate synergies between European defence industries and allow the emergence of a military-industrial complex.”

More info:

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In the grip of the second wave of coronavirus, two thirds of EU citizens call for more EU competence and an EU budget with sufficient means to tackle the crisis.

The European Parliament released today the full results of its third survey this year asking European citizens their views on the Coronavirus crisis and their attitudes towards the European Union. Although 50% of Europeans feel ‘uncertainty’ again as their key emotional state as the economic impact of the pandemic takes its toll, more people now have a positive image of the EU than in the Spring.

With an increasing number of EU citizens feeling uncertain about their future, two thirds of respondents (66%) agreed that the EU should have more competences to deal with the pandemic. …

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The unemployment rate is unacceptably high throughout many European regions, particularly among young citizens or other vulnerable groups and far too many citizens face discrimination on the labour market. To help affected citizens getting a job, Renew Europe has been a driving force in ensuring the continuation and enhanced cooperation of the European Network of Public Employment Services (PES).

MEP Atidzhe Alieva-Veli (Movement for Rights and Freedoms/Bulgaria) has represented Renew Europe in the negotiations. She stresses the importance of the continuation of PES, increasing the possibilities for unemployed citizens to get a job. MEP Alieva-Veli says:

- Now, when Member…

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