Action taken to continue fighting the high unemployment rates many Europeans face

The unemployment rate is unacceptably high throughout many European regions, particularly among young citizens or other vulnerable groups and far too many citizens face discrimination on the labour market. To help affected citizens getting a job, Renew Europe has been a driving force in ensuring the continuation and enhanced cooperation of the European Network of Public Employment Services (PES).

MEP Atidzhe Alieva-Veli (Movement for Rights and Freedoms/Bulgaria) has represented Renew Europe in the negotiations. She stresses the importance of the continuation of PES, increasing the possibilities for unemployed citizens to get a job. MEP Alieva-Veli says:

- Now, when Member States have to overcome the negative impact, which the COVID-19 pandemic has on our citizens and economy, to facilitate swift recovery and ensure successful transition to green economy, we need, more than ever, to enhance the cooperation between the Member States within the areas of PES’ responsibility.

- Through strengthening the cooperation between its members, developing joint initiatives, exchanging best practices and promoting innovative job placement initiatives the Network will have a valuable contribution to the implementation of the Union’s employment policies. It will also help implement the principles in the European Pillar of Social Rights, contribute to the achievement of European Green Deal objectives and pursue the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

- We need to use all disposable means to modernise and strengthen the public employment services, with a view to enhancing their capacity, the quality of their services, their effectiveness and efficiency in order to be able to provide support for all vulnerable groups and ensure better functioning and inclusiveness of the labour markets. I believe that the continuation of the work of the Network and its reinforcement was essential and will prove highly beneficial for the achievement of these objectives.

The informal agreement reached earlier this autumn with Member States was adopted in plenary on Wednesday evening. In addition to reinforcing The PES Network’s social aspects, its mandate is extended until 31 December 2027.



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