AGRI committee backs ALDE proposals to make it easier for farmers and organisations to cooperate on sustainability initiatives

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European farmers do a lot of work for a better and more sustainable farming and food production. More and more, this is also something that consumers are asking for when they do their grocery shopping. Yesterday, 1–4–2019, the European Parliaments AGRI committee backed an idea proposed by MEP Jan Huitema (ALDE, NL) and MEP Fredrick Federley (ALDE, SE) enabling farmers and their organizations to better cooperate in order to work with higher sustainability standards, especially with regard to environmental standards and animal welfare. The exemptions from European competition law are proposed to be in the CAP CMO-Regulation and will make it clearer and easier for farmers and organizations to cooperate on sustainability initiatives in order to get a fair pay from the market.

“I’m very glad that the AGRI committee backed this idea which I believe could make it easier for European farmers aiming for higher sustainability standards such as environmental and animal welfare to also get a fair pay for their quality produce from the market”, say MEP Jan Huitema (ALDE) and MEP Fredrick Federley (ALDE)

“Consumers want to buy good quality food products and are demanding more and more when it comes to sustainability. Our aim is that these new rules make it possible for farmers to deliver on these consumer demands and get appropriately payed for it”, say MEP Jan Huitema (ALDE) and MEP Fredrick Federley (ALDE).

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