ALDE Group calls on the European Commission to reinforce its fight against anti-competitive behaviour within the EU

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The ALDE Group has today thrown its full support behind a report drafted by Ramon Tremosa i Balcells MEP for the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, concerning the Annual Report on EU Competition Policy.

The parliamentary report, which was adopted today by the Committee with strong cross-party support, recognises the growing workload of the European Commission’s DG Competition and the strong actions taken by Commissioner Vestager with regard big major Antitrust and State Aid cases such as Google, Apple, Amazon but also in the truck cartel case.

Liberals and Democrats have today called for a reallocation of adequate financial and human resources to DG Competition in order to cope with this DG’s increasing workload, but also for better technological tools to deal with the future digital cases and for more high-tech engineers and specialists in cutting-edge technologies in the Commission.

Commenting after the adoption of the report today, Ramon Tremosa i Balcells MEP said:

“The European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee has today given a strong message of support to the invaluable work of the European Commission in its fight to clamp down on anti-competitive behaviour by taking on cartels and pursuing antitrust cases.”

“We recognise the good and hard work Commissioner Vestager has been doing until now and we hope DG competition can be better equipped to enhance its investigatory powers. I hope the European Parliament Plenary session will confirm these messages in April when it is expected to vote on this report”

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