ALDE Members support clearer rules for Transport legislation in regards to social and market pillar

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Several measures falling under the EU’s ‘Mobility Package’ were voted this morning in the Transport and Tourism Committee after being referred back by the Plenary in July 2018 for further consideration. With most political groups divided, the Transport Committee failed to adopt a position on two of the three files put to the vote. ALDE MEPs were united in their support towards the three rapporteurs' proposals to exclude the bilateral transport operations from the posting rules; establish clear enforcement rules; provide more flexibility for the operators and hauliers and finally address the current cabotage issues.

MEP Pavel Telička, ALDE member at the Transport Committee said:

"The outcome of today’s vote is extremely disappointing and I hope we all come back to our senses before a plenary vote. If we do not manage to find a compromise quickly within ourselves, and eventually with the Council, we allow the situation in the road transport sector to continue deteriorating. In practice, this will mean further unilateral measures from the Member States and the end of the internal market. We need to stop fooling ourselves: this would be equally bad for the drivers, for the hauliers, and for all the businesses that rely on road transportation."

MEP Izaskun Bilbao, ALDE member at the Transport Committee continued:

“Professionals and companies demand and need a European agreement to improve and harmonise the working conditions of the professionals. This is the only possible way to put an end to market fragmentation and social dumping in the sector. These are problems that hamper the efficiency and competitiveness of transport. We are going to continue to work towards an agreement with which we are all going to win"

MEP Gesine Meissner, ALDE Coordinator at the Transport Committee concluded:

“No deal is not a solution. We need a Europe-wide regime for the question if the driver can spend his weekly rest times in the cabin. Nowadays some Member States allow it and others don’t. This fragmentation of our common transport market is not acceptable.”

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