ALDE Successes: Portability — Using your online subscriptions abroad

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Andrus Ansip, European Commissioner for Digital Single Market (left) and ALDE MEP Jean-Marie Cavada (right)

In less than two weeks, as of 1 April, EU citizens will be able to enjoy their online subscriptions, for listening to music or watching films, anywhere in Europe the same way they do at home, as long as their stay abroad is temporary — for example on holiday or during Erasmus studies. The European Parliament fought hard to remove legal barriers to accessing online content services in another EU country. Our MEP Jean-Marie Cavada, the European Parliament’s Rapporteur on this file, said:

“We paved the way for wider access to online content across the EU, to a portability without frontiers. This was a vital step towards the completion of the digital single market and for further facilitating the free movement of people.”

“I am happy that these new rules, which will create a genuine added value to all citizens in Europe, enter into force now. They do not only apply to streaming services for watching TV series or listening to music, but also to e-books.”

Online content service providers like Netflix, MyTF1 or HBO will verify the subscriber’s country of residence by using means such as payment details, the existence of an internet contract or by checking the IP address.

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