ALDE Successes: Regulation on Official Hygiene Controls in the Food and Feed Chain

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There are over 70 different laws regulating controls in the sectors of feed & food and animal health & welfare. Overall this legal framework on food & feed controls has proven to be effective in preventing and countering public health risks to humans, animals and plants. However, the modern globalised market and the increasingly long and complex agri-food chain keep exposing the EU to new risks requiring quick adaptations.

After the horse meat scandal last year, ALDE supported the Commission efforts to harmonise the legal framework for official hygiene controls in an extensive piece of legislation with more than 160 articles. Of key importance for this regulation was to strike the right balance between guaranteeing sufficient financing throughout the EU and Member States’ prerogative to determine their own funding sources, especially given that many other aspects that influence market prices were not harmonised (taxes, labour costs,). The final agreement supported by ALDE ensured proper financing for controls in the Member States safeguarding a level playing field within the internal market.

The ALDE Shadow Rapporteur, Jasenko Selimovic, was key in negotiating a final text that was balanced and took on board many of our key concerns, especially in terms of transparency and independence to avoid conflicts of interests between food business operators and control authorities, on efficiency and consistency of the rules, clear rules on penalties to have sufficient deterrents against fraudulent & deceptive practices and finally to ensure that specific rules on organic production are also anchored in this regulation.

As a result, citizens could see that our MEPs aim to improve food traceability, combat fraud and ensure consumer trust in the integrity of the food chain.

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