ALDE welcomes the Commission’s decision to challenge Hungary’s migration policies

The European Commission has launched infringement procedures against Hungary for the recently adopted “stop Soros” laws and breach of EU asylum legislation. The EU’s executive has decided to take legal action as the country is currently failing to fulfil its treaty obligations related to asylum procedures, reception conditions and return decisions as well as for criminalising NGOs working to support asylum seekers.

Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE Group President commented:

“The European Union is founded on laws and values that apply to all of its members. I welcome EU Commission’s decision to legally challenge Orban’s disgraceful “Stop Soros” laws, which contravene the Charter of Fundamental Rights & European values.”

Shophie in ‘t Veld, First Vice-President of ALDE and Member of the LIBE Committee further added:

“This step is crucial in restoring trust in the common European asylum and migration system. The EU is not a restaurant where you can pick and choose from the menu. We have a common responsibility, each Member State has to respect the rules and adhere to European values.”

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