Autonomous driving in EU transport, are we prepared?

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Today the Plenary voted in favour of the Transport Committee report on autonomous vehicles to face the upcoming challenges of this growing sector, starting with trams, drones and soon with commercial cars.

The overwhelming majority of road accidents are due to human error and, as such, there is an imperative need to reduce the possibilities for such errors, while maintaining personal mobility, so the EU should encourage and further develop digital technologies for automated mobility to reduce human error, traffic incidents and road fatalities.

Our mobility system is undergoing profound changes to become more digital, safer and cleaner. Further automation of vehicles in all transport modes, and namely regarding connected and automated road vehicles, together with advances in information and communication technologies provide rich opportunities to improve traffic flows, increase safety for all users and reduce the environmental impacts of transport

Autonomous transport covers all forms of remotely piloted, automated and autonomous means of road, rail, waterborne and air transport including drones, following last year’s approved revision of the EASA.

MEP Matthijs van Miltenburg, ALDE shadow rapporteur on this file said:

“The report on autonomous vehicles is an important first step for actually enabling and further developing autonomous vehicles in Europe. In addition to promoting road safety, autonomous vehicles contribute to lower CO2 emissions and improve traffic flows. It is high time for clear regulation on autonomous vehicles, not only to safeguard public interests such as safety, but also to stimulate market parties to innovate in the development of autonomous vehicles. Only in this way can we, as Europe, remain at the forefront of safety and innovation.”

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