Better working conditions, with an updated Eurofound agency

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Today the plenary voted in favour of the revision of Eurofound Regulation, which provides support to the Union institutions and bodies, MS and social partners in shaping policies aimed at improving living and working conditions.

The new rules ensure professional management and solid financial provisions, while granting also the agency with an adequate budget. The financial provisions are now aligned with the Commission Delegated Regulation, meaning the agencies will have to perform both ex-ante and ex-post evaluations for all programmes and activities which entail significant spending.

ALDE MEP Enrique Calvet Chambón, rapporteur on this file said:

“This new regulation will be able to modernize the structure of Eurofound and improve its rule of functioning to update it to new times. In addition, we have been able to reinforce the political supervision role of the European Parliament and its collaboration with the Agency that will enable to make more use and better use of its expertise and research capabilities.”

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