Clean Energy: Liberals and Democrats celebrate higher renewable energy targets

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After a late night deal, the European Union has decided to tighten its targets on renewable energy. ALDE MEP Fredrick Federley is satisfied with the outcome of at least 32 % renewable energy for 2030.

The legislative reforms agreed in a negotiation between the European Commission, European Parliament and the European Council decided on the targets for renewable energy by 2030. The agreement means an increased climate ambition for the European Union of 32 % by 2030 with binding targets and an upwards revision clause by 2023. The decision also means that work will start to phase out palm oil.

Fredrick Federley MEP commented:

“A higher ambition for renewable energy in Europe is a key issue in the fight to combat climate change. Europe has been falling behind global leaders on renewable energy and it is good that we now can pick up the fight. I’m happy that we reached a EU binding goal of 32% renewable energy.”

“Liberals and Democrats have played a key role in forging a progressive compromise on a renewable energy target. Despite the reluctance of some EU Governments, we have managed to adopt a very clear position that secures an ambitious road to promoting renewable energy, safeguards investments made, pushes for the next generation of biofuels and starts phasing out the promotion of biofuels from feedstocks such as Palm oil.”

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