Common Agricultural Policy post 2020: Securing competitiveness while delivering on climate and environmental protection

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The Agriculture Committee has adopted today its position on the new the Common Agricultural Policy reform post 2020. The so-called Strategic Plans regulation is set to improve the EU’s long-term agricultural policy so that it better meets the demands of farmers and consumers. Liberals and Democrats welcome that the AGRI committee backed today the idea of more result-based payments, delivering when it comes to climate and the environmental protection, and that it focusses on a more modernised and simplified future CAP that will help to secure the sector’s competitiveness.

Jan Huitema, Shadow Rapporteur on this file, said today:

“I am very glad that the AGRI Committee wants to move away from general non-efficient measures and rather focusses on targeted schemes that will really deliver when it comes to climate and environmental protection. In the end, we had hoped for more money being set aside for targeted-measures called eco-schemes. But 20% is at least higher than the 0% proposed by the Commission.”

“Furthermore, it is a good step forward that our two proposals on boost-schemes and competitiveness tracking, enabling farmers to develop and become more competitive, were endorsed by the committee. This is an important step forward towards a more competitive CAP.”

More info: Birte.

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