Cross-border mobility of EU companies: A leap forward towards a complete and dynamic single market

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Today, a deal was reached on a new legal framework of cross-border conversions, mergers and divisions of companies. The purpose of the new EU rules is to enable businesses to move across the EU while providing strengthened protection for employees, creditors and minority shareholders. The ALDE group strongly welcomes today’s agreement since it will simplify administrative procedures, draw up a predictable legal framework and ensure that abuses and fraud are effectively prevented.

Jens Rohde, Shadow Rapporteur on this file, commented:

“A dynamic single market with strong protection of employees and safeguards against abuse is much needed in Europe.”

“We need a Europe with better balance, so that companies can get the entire advantages of a single market. But we also have to stop abusive and fraudulent behaviour and forum shopping with the purpose of avoiding taxes and circumvention of employers’ rights.”

“Today, we took an important step towards both better regulation for converting, merging and dividing companies and for the protection of employees.”

Notes to editors

The decision was taken during a trialogue meeting between the European Parliament, the EU Commission and the Council. The outcome offers to companies the possibility to move from one Member State to another while keeping their legal personality, divide cross-border through the formation of new companies and aligns the already existing rules on cross-border mergers.

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