Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion.

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MEPs reunited in front of the European Parliament

Access to safe and legal abortion continues to be denied for too many women in too many countries. In most African countries, abortion is either prohibited altogether or only allowed to save the life of the mother. In some Asian countries abortion is permitted by law, in the majority, however, it still severely restricted, and even when legal, women have to grapple with heavy costs and inaccessibility of appropriate abortion care. Also in Europe, women experience a backlash on women’s rights and face fierce attacks by those who wish to curtail women’s reproductive freedom by imposing legal and financial restrictions or by projecting greater stigma and discrimination. Incredibly, in some Member States the right to have a safe abortion is still criminalised. We say: This has to stop!

Today marks the Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion. A good reminder for all of us that there are still too many severe obstacles for women to fully exercise their human rights! This is way, the European Parliament and the European Commission have to work closely together to fight decriminalization of abortion and therefore help preserving women’s health. Because it’s #MyAbortionMyHealth! #AllofUs stand united and say: All women and girls should be able to have access to legal and #safeabortion. My body, my rights!

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