EP backs the Single Digital Gateway to ease cross-border activities for citizens and business

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The Single Digital Gateway responds to users’ needs in a digital world. It can help companies save more than EUR 11 billion per year, and EU citizens up to 855 000 hours of their time annually. The initiative will benefit those moving to or doing business in another EU country, but also the many people and companies who decide to stay in their home country. It also incentivises Member States to adopt e-government strategies to offer modern and efficient public service.

The European Parliament adopts today the report which includes procedures to cover situations which are relevant for moving, studying, working, starting and doing a business cross-border, such as registering a business, registering an employer/employees for compulsory pension and insurance schemes, applying for study loans and grants, recognition of academic titles, getting an European Health Card or registering a motor vehicle.

MEP Dita Charanzová, ALDE’s shadow rapporteur on this regulation said:

“The future of good government is e-government. But this only works if people know where to look for the information and services they need. The Single Digital Gateway is a positive movement in this direction. This is a concrete step in making our citizens lives easier so they can use their time better instead of in lines waiting for forms and paperwork. Now we need to ensure governments use the gateway and make sure it works well from the start. This should not just be another website.”

The SDG will be based on existing portals, contact points and networks, but it will improve and better connect them. The interface will be available in all EU languages. It will ensure centralized access by EU citizens and businesses to information they need to exercise their internal market rights, as well as possibility to complete some of the most frequently-used national procedures fully online. This service is expected to be online and available by 2020.

More info: david.vidal@europarl.europa.eu

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