Erasmus+ 2021–2027: More funding and more inclusiveness for the next Erasmus generation

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Members of the European Parliament backed today proposals to triple the budget for Erasmus+ for the period 2021–2027 and asked for more inclusiveness and simplified procedures to apply for the programme. Today’s voted text focuses on including people with fewer opportunities to the programme by proposing a detailed set of measures to lift economic, social or cultural barriers, e.g. by adapting the level of funding to the needs of participants, regularly reviewing and adjusting living and subsistence costs, as well as simplifying the application procedure. Moreover, MEPs ask to enable pre-school and early education staff, young athletes and sport coaches to participate in the programme.

Teresa Giménez Barbat, ALDE Shadow on this file, said today:

“We want more funding and more opportunities for young Europeans to engage with this programme. Thanks to Erasmus, millions of young people go around Europe, get to know another culture and another language, meet new friends and open their minds. Erasmus is nothing less than an important tool to break down stereotypes and to promote a European identity across borders. It should be accessible to as many people as possible. We have already succeeded in enhancing the Erasmus programme but we won’t stop fighting to expand it further.”

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