EU consumer protection rules: enforced and modernised

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The Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee voted today in favour for the adoption of the draft report on “Better enforcement and modernisation of EU consumer protection rules” proposal, part of the “New Deal for Consumers” package.

The assessment of EU consumer protection rules and recent cross-border infringements of EU consumer law have shown that there is room for improvement to strengthen consumer protection.

ALDE proposed reinforcing the language on proportionality of fines, as well as introducing an obligation for MS to respect the GDPR and the Charter of Fundamental Rights when issuing fines and introducing a new obligation for online platforms to clearly state whether online reviews are verified or not. Another ALDE priority is to increase transparency on information requirements for online platforms/market places when ordering and paying making it clear and easy.

ALDE shadow rapporteur MEP Jasenko Selimovic said:

“The vote on the New Deal for Consumers today marks a crucial step to strengthen consumer rights in the EU. Thanks to our vote, consumers will hopefully be able to make more informed choices when they buy online. Greater transparency of online market places and comparison services will be enforced by requiring them to provide information on the main parameters, presented in order of relative importance, determining the ranking of offers presented to consumers, as well as information on whether and how the authenticity of consumer reviews have been checked.”

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