EU industrial strategy: Renew Europe calls for ambitious measures for a sovereign, more competitive, sustainable, inclusive and strategic Europe.

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The Renew Europe Group welcomes Thierry Breton’s ambition to make Europe a sovereign economic power in the 21st century after the presentation today of the European Commission’s EU Industrial Strategy.

In this changing world, faced with the challenges of the digital and environmental transition and as the Coronavirus crisis once again reveals our dependence in the supply chain, European industry must adapt and modernise if it is to stay ahead of the game:We need to take ambitious initiatives so that our industry can contribute to a more competitive and sustainable economy, to the strengthening of our strategic autonomy and to a shared prosperity that leaves no one and no region out of development. We also need the means to steer the strategy: stronger governance and to this end, we welcome the establishment of a permanent high-level governance forum bringing together all stakeholders, industry, social partners, civil society and Member States. However, we regret the lack of common European performance indicators, which would secure a better monitoring of the implementation of the Strategy”, says MEP Christophe Grudler, Vice-coordinator for Renew Europe on the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy.

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MEP Christophe Grudler.

We welcome the measures proposed by the Commission to enable European industry to be more competitive, by seeking a better balance between openness and legitimate protection. In particular, through measures to strengthen the single market, revise competition rules, ensure reciprocity in market access for European companies and finally, strengthen trade defence instruments and the screening of foreign investment. We also welcome the creation and financing of ecosystems on strategic value chains such as artificial intelligence, defence, space, cyber security, hydrogen, etc.

The strategy proposed by the Commission also includes measures for a sustainable industry, which can contribute to the green deal objectives. We must find ways to decarbonise industrial processes and give priority to clean energy. Alongside the industrial strategy, the new action plan for the circular economy should give us the means to achieve a greener industry.

Last but not least, the industrial strategy must also aim at a shared prosperity. There must be no uniform policy; the regions must develop their own territorial industrial strategy, building on their strengths. We also need to implement retraining programmes and invest much more in human capital.

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