#EUFisheries: We need to make a leap forward towards more sustainability

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Yesterday, negotiations by the representatives of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission’s legislative proposals on the so-called technical measures have started. The “technical measures” regulate on where, when and how fishing may take place. The proposals currently under discussion aim at limiting unwanted catches and reducing the impacts of fishing on nature as well as simplifying the current rules.

MEP Nils Torvalds is the ALDE group’s negotiator on this file. He said after the first trilogue:

“It was high time the EU came up with new proposals on how to better avoid unwanted catches and on how to simplify the rules. However, the overall objective was to better and sustainably avoid unwanted catches and to reduce the impact of fishing on nature. But without measurable and quantitative targets to reduce unwanted catches, this will not at all help to meet the targets of the Common Fisheries Policy, which we have worked so hard for over the years.”

During the meeting, the Commission clearly confirmed that they will not accept a final text that lowers the current environmental standards and does not have quantitative and measurable targets. A statement very much welcomed by Nils Torvalds:

“It is up to the Commission and Commissioner Vella to safeguard the Common Fisheries Policy and I can therefore only welcome such a clear statement by the Commission during the first trialogue. We must now work together to find a solution with targets that ensures sustainable exploitation of marine resources as well as greater flexibility for EU fishermen.”

More info: birte.grages@europarl.europa.eu

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