European Solidarity Corps 2021–2027: New opportunities to volunteer or work in solidarity projects

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Members of the Culture and Education Committee voted today on the budget and new priorities for the 2012–2027 European Solidarity Corps programme. Young people between the ages of 18 and 30 can join the so-called European Solidarity Corps and participate in a wide range of projects, such as helping to prevent natural disasters or rebuild afterwards, assisting in centers for asylum seekers, or addressing different social issues in communities. The programme for 2021–2017 will include humanitarian aid activities outside the EU and will allow at least 350 000 young EU citizens to support communities in need through volunteering, traineeships and job placements.

Teresa Giménez-Barbat, ALDE shadow rapporteur on this file, comments:

“This is a win-win situation for everybody. Participants support much needed solidarity projects while gaining work experience and improving their social as well as language skills at the same time.”

“The European Solidarity Corps is a great initiative that not only promotes and facilitates solidarity activity across Europe and beyond. It promotes the European idea as such and that is what we need in times of increasing nationalism.”

You can find more information about the ESC and the application process here:

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