Fertilisers: New rules to boost innovative and safer products

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The European Parliament adopted today the Fertilising Products Regulation, where ALDE took a firm stance on the urgent need to introduce limits on heavy metals like cadmium, which is carcinogenic for humans and has an impact on the quality of groundwater.

MEPs backed new rules to open up the single market for the free circulation of fertiliser products, while creating new market opportunities for innovative fertilisers from organic and recycled materials, thus contributing to the Circular Economy Package.

MEP Morten Løkkegaard, Internal Market Shadow Rapporteur on this file said:

I’m pleased that we today support a deal that will be beneficial for companies who want to export within the EU. Also, less chemicals in fertilisers is good for consumers who want greener products on their plates. Now organic fertiliser producers have the legal framework that will allow the EU to become a global leader.”

MEP Jan Huitema, Agriculture Committee’s opinion Shadow Rapporteur on this file said:

“I’m glad to see that we will promote the recovery of valuable nutrients from agricultural waste streams. This is a concrete step to facilitate farmers in their ambition to produce in a more sustainable manner. By nutrient recovery, we will save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and be less dependent of third countries. Lastly, it will reduce cost for farmers , a win-win situation.”

MEP Fredrick Federley, Environment Committee’s opinion Shadow Rapporteur said:

“I’m glad that we after over 30 years of discussing the cadmium issue finally take the first step in phasing it out by setting contaminant limits on the EU-level. This is an important step for healthier soils and to get rid of potent carcinogen from our food and feed in Europe. I’m also happy that we could safeguard member states with already lower limits.”

More info: david.vidal@europarl.europa.eu

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