Final deal on EU emissions targets: ‘the maximum we could get’ says Gerben Jan Gerbrandy MEP

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The European Parliament has today adopted a deal on legally binding 2030 climate targets and carbon emission budgets for EU Member States. The agreed “Climate Action Regulation” (earlier called “Effort Sharing Regulation”) sets binding national targets for sectors not covered by the EU carbon market — i.e. agriculture, transport, buildings and waste, which together account for about 60 percent of the EU’s carbon emissions.

Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy, the MEP steering the legislation through the European Parliament as Rapporteur, reacted this afternoon:

“We have done our best to agree an ambitious European climate action regulation, despite the attempt of many EU governments to undermine ambition. Thanks to pressure from the Parliament, we have succeeded in lowering the allowed carbon budget with the emissions of about four million cars. European governments will have to do more, and they will have to do it earlier. Delaying climate action is no longer possible, this regulation requires all governments to speed up green investments to tackle emissions from agriculture, transport, waste and buildings.”

“The regulation is also designed for increasing European climate ambition further over time. I am especially looking forward to the long-term climate strategy that the European Commission is currently preparing. If we want to reach a zero-emissions economy by 2050, we need to speed up the transition in all Member States and all economic sector.”

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