Injustice of Marital Captivity

Video credit: Femmes For Freedom (2018)

In many marriages women become the victim of violence, abuse and oppression. They might be seen as the one who has to provide for the whole family in law or even as an object a man possesses. And then there comes a point when the suffering becomes too much. The moment when they say, ‘enough is enough; I want and need a divorce’.

Hilde Vautmans MEP (Open VLD / ALDE) on marital captivity

Due to this horrible situation women lose their independence, their right to live, their right to self-determination. They cannot start a new relationship, they are isolated from their own community, and they are left alone. And if they try to fight back, if they do everything in their power to put an end to their marital captivity, they encounter serious violence and threats. Some of which even lead to suicide and honor killings.

In this Parliament we often talk about early and forced marriages, we condemn them and try to find solutions to end this kind of gross human rights violations. But when it comes to the situation of marital captivity it stays often too quiet and these women stay in the dark, completely invisible.

Marietje Schaake Member of the European Parliament (D66/ALDE) takes a firm stand against marital captivity



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