Moldova: It is crucial that Government continues to implement reforms in a truly European way

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The Liberal and Democrat Group in the European Parliament welcomes the conclusions on Moldova, today adopted by the Foreign Affairs Council, which reaffirmed its commitment to strengthening political association and economic integration between the EU and Chisinau.

ALDE MEP, Petras Auštrevičius (Liberal Movement of Lithuania), European Parliament’s rapporteur on Moldova, said the fight against corruption, media freedom and the new electoral law are very important areas that the Moldovan government still needs to improve:

“With the Association Agreement and DCFTA, the Moldovan government has been offered a unique chance to put its country very firmly on a path of European integration. The main aspirations of the Moldovan people, namely new jobs, poverty reduction and economic growth, will only advance if meaningful structural reforms go beyond promises, if they are implemented in practice and in a truly European way. I therefore urge Chisinau authorities to double their efforts in fighting against corruption, as this remains one of the main areas where tangible deliverables are long-awaited.”

“Structural reforms cannot be implemented without securing basic democratic institutions, such as a free media or fair and credible elections. I therefore particularly join the Council in regretting that the way the election law was amended did lack certain credibility and openness. With this in mind, I welcome these Council conclusions and stand ready to continue working with our Moldovan counterparts in a spirit of frank and genuine partnership.”

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