More road safety for passengers and drivers in the EU

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After long trilogue negotiations, the European parliament, The Commission and the Council reached a provisional agreement on the Road Infrastructure Safety Management Directive (RISM), aiming to improve road infrastructure safety management, to reduce both the number of accidents and their severity in Europe. This proposal has a concrete impact in the life of all European citizens as it targets road safety. ALDE actively contributed to set realistic targets, reduce administrative burden for Member States and achieve a balanced proposal focusing on relevant provisions, such as the expansion of the road network and future-proof roads.

MEP Matthijs Van Miltenburg, shadow rapporteur on this file, said:

"The quality of our road infrastructure is essential to improve road safety and for paving the way for connected and automated mobility systems. Through this proposal, we are making European roads safer, while preparing for the future, as high quality road infrastructure is crucial to support drivers as well as connected and automated vehicles, while limiting the bureaucratic burden for Member States, for instance with regard to network-wide road safety assessments."

At the same time, today the Internal Market Committee voted in favour for new type-approval requirements regarding general safety of motor vehicles and their trailers and systems. Some of the key points proposed are introducing an obligation to project all the features and systems, including advanced emergency breaking, so that to enhance vehicles´ safety and increase protection of vulnerable road users. All motor vehicles should have to be equipped with features such as intelligent speed assistance or accurate tyre pressure monitoring systems, and that all buses and trucks should have to be equipped with emergency systems including advanced emergency braking system. For ALDE, users' acceptance, respecting the principle of technological neutrality and privacy are priority.

Dita Charanzová, shadow rapporteur on this file, said:

"Today’s vote contributes to move forward with the issue of road safety in the EU. This regulation is a right step to further decrease number of accidents and fatalities on European roads while making reference to new technologies which are being developed and introduced. It also take into account interaction between active safety of vehicles and other vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians or cyclists. At the same time, it provides means to approach the upcoming stage of automated driving."

These, among other measures, will contribute to increase safety of drivers and passengers of all type of vehicles in the EU roads as well as other vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

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