Moving forward on the coordination of European social security systems — A citizen-centered approach

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The coordination of social security systems in Europe is one of the key policy topics for reform in recent years. Correlating the fundamental freedoms of citizens with the capacity of Member States to fundament their social needs remains a highly debated topic.

As the discussions between the 9th legislature of the European Parliament with the Council of the EU and the Commission are progressing, it is high time for a debate where the large multitude of stakeholders being represented in Brussels have the chance to address their questions directly to the representatives of the three main institutions.

MEP Dragoș Pîslaru (Renew Europe EMPL Coordinator) will be hosting an open discussion on the 20th of November, 13h00–15h00, in Room PHS5B1 of the European Parliament. Among the speakers there will be Mr. Joost Korte (the Director-General of DG Employment) and Mr. Antero Kiviniemi (Senior Specialist on Social Policy, Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU).

The aim of the event is to give to the representatives of civil society, employees, employers, member states and other stakeholders the opportunity to be briefed on the state of play of the file, of the main outstanding arguments and of the various scenarios ahead. A lively debate is surely to emerge, and the conclusions will be used to inform and substantiate the continuation of the work on the issue.

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Places are limited. For registration, please send an email to, with the “883” in the subject line by Tuesday the 19th of November.

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