New type-approval and market surveillance of cars approved in the EU

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Members of the European Parliament have approved this morning a deal on a new type-approval and market surveillance system for cars.

In September 2015, the Volkswagen (VW) case highlighted weaknesses in the enforcement of type-approval rules for motor vehicles in the EU, and the European Commission put forward a proposal for a revision of the respective regulation. The objectives were to guarantee a harmonised application of the type-approval procedures across Member States (in the past some Member States have been more lenient than others) and to improve market surveillance of the vehicles (example: post checks of cars already in service).

ALDE believes that the Commission needs to assume the oversight powers directly and that the new system should complement and oversee the actions of Member States when implementing these new powers.

Dita Charanzová, ALDE member of the IMCO Committee said today:

“This is our concrete legislative reaction to the dieselgate scandal. Proper implementation & enforcement of this law will help fix the system with clear rules on market surveillance with specific targets for Member States & penalties for manufacturers if they produce & place non-compliant vehicles in the market.”

New legislation brings with it a new robust market surveillance system with penalties, guarantees for consumers, safeguards for emissions and safety standards.

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