One single common charger for our mobile devices? We say yes!

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The European Parliament voted today in favour of a resolution aiming to have a universal common charger for mobile devices and other equipment.

For more than 10 years, Members of the European Parliament have been asking for a common charger for mobile phones, but also other small radio equipment, including tablets, e-book readers, etc. The Commission has repeatedly postponed the directive on radio equipment that should have established this common charger. In addition to the comfort of users, common chargers would help reducing e-waste that represents around 50 million metric tons generated globally per year, with an average of more than 6 kg per person.

In 2009, major mobile phone manufacturers committed to provide charger compatibility on the basis of the USB connector, but it is not enough if the part of the cable connected to our devices differs between manufacturers. Fortunately, we have made progress by going from 30 to 3 different types of chargers.

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MEP Liesje Scheinemacher

MEP Liesje Scheinemacher, shadow rapporteur on this file said:

“One common charger for all mobile phones, cameras and tablets will reduce cost, will reduce waste and is more user-friendly. Of course this can only be done by also ensuring there will still be room for innovation. I look forward to working with the Commission on a common charger this year!”

When will the Commission take action to make sure that manufacturers will offer customers a common charger compatible to all our devices? We’ll follow up!

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