Parliament adopts better conditions for road hauliers in the EU

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Following a long period of difficult negotiations, the European Parliament finally adopted today a position on the Mobility Package 1. This includes legislation on posting of drivers in the road transport sector, the proposal for professional and market access, known as cabotage, and also the maximum driving and resting times for truck drivers.

Today’s outcome aims at amending the existing rules in order to make the road transport sector fair, efficient and socially accountable, whilst at the same time mitigating the excessive regulatory burdens on operators and preventing distortions of competition and up of EUR 785 million per year in administrative costs. This sector is of particular importance as it directly employs 5 million Europeans. The proposal changes also aim to end internal road transport fragmentation and guarantee an equal and fair access to market.

MEP Pavel Telička, TRAN shadow rapporteur on cabotage said:

“The European Parliament eventually showed political courage by adopting its position on the Mobility Package. This is the result of long and complex negotiations, and as imperfect as the deal may be: it is the only way forward to preserve the legal certainty the internal market needs, and guarantee better working conditions for drivers across Europe. The effort to seek support across the political spectrum paid off!”.

MEP Martina Dlavajová, EMPL rapporteur in posting of drivers said:

“Given the highly mobile nature of the transport sector which is not comparable to any other sector, specific rules were desperately needed.

We approved a compromise that respects the specificity of the transport sector while ensuring a balance between driver protection and the maintenance of free movement of services in the EU. This result is a step in the right direction. Above all, it was important for the future of Europe and its values.

But we are still at the beginning of the legislative process. I will protect the future of transport sector also during the trilogue negotiations with the European Commission and the Council.”

MEP Izaskun Bilbao, TRAN shadow rapporteur on posting of drivers continued:

“The approval of the posting of drivers directive in the European Parliament is good news for drivers and the European sector´s companies. The report offers a European response to social dumping, one of the threats that fragments the transport market. A problem that only has a solution with a European Union regulation. Now the European Parliament has a mandate and a solid position to negotiate with the Council and dismantle some measures of covert protectionism in place in some Member States.”

MEP Gesine Meissner, TRAN shadow rapporteur on driving and resting times concluded:

“It’s good that we finally managed to have a compromise; driving and rest times have been blocked from being voted in plenary for months. The road transport sector needs a European framework and no fragmented national responses. Although the much needed flexibility for bus and coach drivers has been sacrificed for a rather vague call on the Commission to present specific rules for buses and coaches. I expect the Commission to immediately start working on this new legislation. But it’s good news that we obtained some further alleviation for the small business and craft sector who suffers from having to install tachographs without being a transport undertaking.”

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