Parliament votes more transparency of online intermediation services.

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The European Parliament voted today in favour of a European Commission proposal that aims to establish a fair, predictable, sustainable and trusted online business environment within the internal market. Many online businesses rely on online platforms to conclude transactions with consumers, which often puts business users in a dependent position towards these platforms.

Some of the key points of the proposal are to ensure that terms and conditions are drafted in clear and plain language, a mandatory complaint mechanism for traders and establishing a right for judicial proceedings to be brought by representative organisations, associations or public bodies, if needed.

ALDE ‘s Dita Charanzová, Vice Chair of Internal Market Committee and shadow rapporteur on this file said:

“We have found a good and balanced deal. Transparent terms and conditions are positive for all businesses and should be a hallmark of best practices in both the online and offline world. I am glad this is now crystal clear in the law.

Moreover, we have made sure that the small trader’s biggest problem is addressed. Today, many platforms do not have a mechanism to address complaints and problems quickly and effectively. This regulation fixes this problem. Every website presentation error, every administrative error or delay, is less income for our small traders. Even one day can be the difference between success and bankruptcy for these businesses.

At the same time, I am also pleased that we have prevented attempts by some to massively over-regulate the e-commerce marketplace. The vast majority of traders online are happy with how the market works. We would have been adopting strict regulations in an attempt to fix a problem that does not exist.”

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