Promoting gender equality in STEM education and careers could generate billions in economic growth

by Caroline Rhawi

Women are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and math, so-called STEM, education and careers in the EU. In a report steered through the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality by Renew Europe MEP Susana Solis Perez, we today call on the EU institutions and Member States to address this issue in their educational and labour systems.

As an engineer, I am very disappointed to see that the number of women in STEM education remains almost the same as when I was studying. If we don´t turn these numbers around women will not take part in the design of technologies that will shape our future”, says MEP Susana Solis Perez, rapporteur of the report.

She continues: “We have to work on improving the educational system to make sure that those girls that show an interest in STEM do not give up. For that, we must address the gender stereotypes that unfortunately are still present in our society. We also need to design a more impact-oriented curriculum in schools and universities, and give visibility to the amazing role models that are making enormous scientific breakthroughs”.

Closing the gender gap in STEM education and careers is not only a matter of justice and creating equal opportunities in the labour market. It is also a matter of intensifying Europe’s scientific and technical development and creating benefits for society as a whole. Research from the European Institute for Gender Equality shows that closing

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