Renew Europe calls for a “Green Blue Deal”

Centrepiece of the European Commission’s plans for the next five years is the Green Deal. The Renew Europe Group wants this Green Deal to be tinged with blue — in order to address, among others, the concerns about overfishing, the warming of the oceans and the overall destruction of our marine ecosystem. It is against this background that Renew Europe launched an EU action plan for our oceans.

Chris Davies, Chair of the Fisheries Committee, said:

“Our oceans are under threat from climate change, plastic pollution and loss of biodiversity. How we fish today affects the quality of our food and the health of our marine ecosystems tomorrow. Healthy oceans and fish stocks mean securing the future of the EU fishing sector and wealth to future generations. It is time to act if we want to turn the tide.”

Pascal Canfin, Chair of the Environment Committee, added:

“Faced with the threat of the overall destruction of our marine ecosystem, we need clear binding targets to defend our marine biodiversity. The EU must become a key player in the fight against plastic pollution and in the fight for the protection of our oceans. With the Green Blue Deal, we will have a framework to work together to preserve the marine ecosystem, which is essential to our well-being and that of future generations.”

Pierre Karleskind, Coordinator of the Fisheries Committee, said:

“Let’s work towards a sustainable management of our Seas! Sustainable fishing, fighting climate change and addressing pollution are the key issues for the future of our seas. The Green Deal must be the time to put in place a real holistic and ecosystem-based approach of our Ocean policy!”

Catherine Chabaud, Substitute Member of the Fisheries Committee and of the Environment Committee, added:

“Renew Europe has sent a strong signal today on how to better integrate ocean topics in the EU’s climate change mitigation strategy. We are proposing a real action plan to protect, restore and defend our oceans, as a common good.”

The EU Oceans Action plan foresees, inter alia:

  • binding targets to expand the network of Marine Protected Areas at least to 30% at EU level in the biodiversity strategy for 2030;
  • integrating fisheries and aquaculture products in the Farm to Fork strategy;
  • strengthening the EU’s role as a global leader in ocean governance;
  • revising the Common Fisheries Policy, aiming at rebuilding the biomass of fish stocks beyond Maximum Sustainable Yields and at establishing an effective and integrated ecosystem-based management system that takes into account all the factors impacting fish stocks and the marine ecosystem.

You can find the whole action plan here.

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