Renew Europe insists on a PCI list compatible with the Green Deal.

Tomorrow, MEPs vote on the objection to the fourth Union list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI). The PCI list is intended to facilitate the creation of a resilient European energy infrastructure and to help the Union achieve its energy policy and climate objectives: affordable, secure and sustainable energy for all citizens, and the long-term decarbonisation of the economy in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

Renew Europe considers that there are projects on the fourth PCI list which are not compatible with the Green Deal and our climate goals. There is a clear danger that spending from Union funds, via the Connecting Europe Facility and some gas projects included in the PCI list, could end up as stranded assets. Billions of European taxpayers’ money could thus be lost. At the same time, Renew Europe strongly supports the projects on electricity interconnectors and smart grids, essential for the development of renewable energy sources in Europe. These projects should be prioritised and be considered for financial help.

Therefore, Renew Europe asks the European Commission to ensure that only climate-proof projects on the PCI list will receive Union funding. In a letter sent to VP Timmermans and Commissioner Simson on 10 February, Renew Europe Members stressed that there is an urgent need for an in-depth analysis of the gas projects on the PCI list in order to finance only those that are truly genuinely necessary and compatible with the new climate and environmental commitments stemming from the Green Deal.

Today, Simson answered Renew Europe’s request for energy infrastructure in line with our updated climate commitments made under the Green Deal. She not only committed to the revision of the TEN-E Regulation by December 2020 but she also guaranteed that the sustainability criteria will fully apply, including for gas candidate projects, when building the 5th PCI list. Last but not least, the Commissioner stressed the fact that it will have clearly the Green deal in mind when allocating funding to the projects under the CEF, before adding that this list is not a guarantee of funding.

MEP Morten Petersen

MEP Morten Petersen, shadow rapporteur on this file, said:

MEP Christophe Grudler

MEP Christophe Grudler, ITRE Vice-Coordinator said:

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