Renew Europe

Nov 12, 2021

2 min read

Renew Europe wants to give European political parties the means to strengthen European democracy

By Jennifer Richard

The European Parliament, with the support of Renew Europe, has approved the report on the financing of European political parties by a large majority. Charles Goerens, the Renew Europe co-rapporteur on this file, was the voice of our group and pushed to improve the role of European political parties as the key actors of European democracy.

Renew Europe now asks the European Commission to draw up a legislative proposal on the basis of the report’s content. We are convinced that the EU should give European political parties the ability to organise and co-finance activities with their national member parties.

Don’t you think that it is the role of a European political party to be involved in referendum campaigns on European matters? We, Renew Europe, do think so. Political parties are at the heart of the Member States’ democrat regimes. It must be the same on the European level.

Renew Europe also wants more transparency concerning financing. We strongly believe that European political parties must be transparent, just as other EU actors are required to be. Transparency is the basis of trust between EU actors and the citizens they represent. Moreover, Renew Europe defends the importance for national member parties to respect the European Union’s fundamental values — the possibility of EU financing is conditional on such respect. These parties must have democratic structures, as well.

As the report was voted on, Charles Goerens remarked that with the Conference on the Future of Europe, European citizens are currently engaged in the largest democratic reflection exercise our continent has ever known. European political parties are the means by which our citizens express their political opinion and they help to frame public debates.

Renew Europe now calls on the European Commission to propose an ambitious reform of the statute on European political parties. Strengthening, indeed saving European democracy is one of the key priorities of the Conference. To us, the answer is to give European political parties the means and the tools to do so.

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