Successful deal on Horizon Europe

Capital and long-term perspective is required to carry out world-changing research and deliver much needed innovations. Therefore, Renew Europe is proud to announce that an ambitious amount of 95.5 billion euros has been secured to the key future-oriented programme Horizon Europe, stretching from next year until 2027, making it the world’s largest investment programme in research and innovation. The deal was reached at the concluding trilogue on Friday at dawn and will succeed the current programme, Horizon 2020.

MEP Dlabajovà, Coordinator for the Industry, Research and Energy Committee and Shadow Rapporteur for the Horizon Europe Regulation, says:

“ I consider this result a success, for the European Parliament, but first and foremost for our research community and for our innovators. Horizon Europe will not only support forefront discoveries, but also bring incredible innovative solutions in our daily lives, making our start-ups and SMEs a key vector of the green and digital transformation of our economy.”

MEP Iskra Mihaylova, has been representing Renew Europe as shadow rapporteur in the negotiations together with MEP Dlabajovà. Ms Mihaylova says:

“ Renew Europe is a strong believer that with Horizon Europe, the EU will be able to keep and attract the most prominent and driven researchers, who are much needed and who in too many cases are brain-drained to the US”, says Ms Mihaylova.

“Renew Europe is convinced that with powerful investments in research and development, sustainable solutions can be found to tackle the global challenges we stand before. The challenges span from transitioning into climate-neutral and smart cities, curing people from cancer and other severe or yet incurable illnesses, ensuring healthy oceans and seas and a sustainable environment, empowering our SMEs with innovations that will lead to growth and prosperity.”

We are the pro-European political group in the EP fighting for your freedom, civil rights while securing economic growth and jobs.

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