The EU agrees on creating a fairer level playing field for the road transport sector.

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This morning the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council reached an agreement on the so-called Mobility Package. Our Members managed to negotiate a balanced agreement aiming at the improvements and harmonisation of rules and creating a fairer level playing field for the road transport sector.

On posting of drivers, MEP Izaskun BILBAO BARANDICA said:

Our Union needed this agreement, which puts an end to unilateral responses to the problems of a key sector to the competitiveness of our economy. We have a foundation for finishing to social dumping, improving conditions for professionals, contributing to road safety and supporting digitisation and de-carbonisation. A good deal for Europe.”

On resting and driving times, MEP Caroline NAGTEGAAL said:

“Contributing to a fair, safe and sustainable road transport was our ultimate goal during the whole negotiation process. The development of innovative solutions and new technologies and their swift and seamless introduction will generate benefits for the whole transport sector. We managed to negotiate a very balanced deal, which will respond to the needs of the sector and achieve a better harmonisation of the rules in the EU.”

On posting of transport workers in other EU countries for non-resident hauliers, known as market access/cabotage, MEP Søren GADE, said:

“We believe that this agreement will lead to improvements of the single market, ensuring better enforcement of rules, as well as legal certainty, clarity and predictability for the road transport sector as a whole. We have to ensure a fair level playing field for all the actors and we strongly believe that this agreement would contribute to enhancing the European competitiveness and growth. “

MEP Radka MAXOVÁ, Employment Committee’s rapporteur on posting of drivers, said:

“Generally I am very happy with the result that we have reached yesterday. The work on this file has been long and hard but the text we have on the table now is balanced. Europe has needed clear and enforceable rules for the transport sector for a long time. I am proud to have been a part of the team that contributed to the process”.

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