The Parliament condemns the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

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The European Parliament voted today in favour of a resolution on the emergency situation in Venezuela as the country is facing a profound and unprecedented political, economic, institutional, social and multidimensional humanitarian crisis, shortage of medicines and food, massive human rights violations, hyperinflation, political oppression, corruption and violence.

This morning, the Liberals and Democrats group condemned the fierce repression and violence, resulting in killings and casualties while expressing its solidarity with the people of Venezuela conveying its sincere condolences to their families and friends.

ALDE also denounces the abuse of law enforcement and the brutal repression of security bodies who are restraining the entry of humanitarian aid. The Parliament strongly condemns the harassment, detention and expulsion of several journalists covering the situation.

MEP Javier Nart said:

“Nicolás Maduro’s social control strategy through terror and repression against those who demand a change is repulsive. His government is raging against the most impoverished people he claims to defend, but whom he then kills, detains and threatens. These are not my words: It is from the Amnesty International report of February 20.
With Maduro, poverty reaches 87% of the population and the minimum wage is only six dollars per month. Venezuela has the honor of being in the Top 10 most corrupted countries list, along with Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan, countries at war, because Maduro is at war with his own people”

MEP Beatriz Becerra said:

“The Parliament gived a deadline to the EU by underlining the failure of the Contact Group, which was created to facilitate free elections without any progress so far, with the countdown underway to meet its 90-day deadline validation. It is essential to apply much tougher sanctions against the Chavismo’s hierarchy and their families, it is grotesque that Maduro is not on the sanctions list when it is known that he has at least 4,200 million in Switzerland, money stolen from Venezuelans who do not have electricity, food or medicines.”

MEP Dita Charanzová said:

“The blackout in the country is a proof that the European Union cannot continue waiting. We need to expand the selective sanctions and ensure that the regime cedes power in a peaceful manner. The European Union has two options: to actively support a legal, peaceful and democratic solution, such as the one proposed by Juan Guaidó, or to keep witnessing more deaths, more crimes and more suffering until Venezuela completely fails. The choice is ours.

We have to respect democracy and the Venezuelan Constitution in our approach and this logically implies the recognition of Guaidó as interim president, I hope we can welcome him soon in this Parliament.“

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