The Week Ahead: 10–14 September 2018

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It’s the first plenary session in Strasbourg after the summer break and our MEPs have a lot to discuss and vote before the European Elections of 2019 in a week starring The State Of the Union and the visit of Prime Ministers Aléxis Tsípras (EL) and Viktor Orbán (HU).


The Culture Committee will discuss the next steps on the European Solidarity Corps, with MEP Teresa Giménez Barbat (ES) as our shadow rapporteur.

Measures to prevent sexual harassment and mobbing will be debated by the FEMM Committee with our MEP Beatriz Becerra (ES) involved in the report.

The Special Committee on Financial Crimes, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance will host a public hearing on Digital Taxation where the OECD and the Commission have been invited to share their opinion and expectations regarding the taxation of digital companies. Chairman Petr Ježek (CZ) and MEP Wolf Klinz (DE) will lead the event.


The Prime Minister of Greece, Aléxis Tsípras visits the Parliament to debate The Future Of Europe on the monthly series with EU Heads of States. Our Group’s President Guy Verhofstadt will intervene. You can check his 2015 speech here.

In the afternoon, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will expose his views on the situation in his country with a reply by Guy Verhofstadt and the other group leaders.

Assistance to Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania and Poland will be voted as per a report from the JURI Committee on the European Solidarity Fund.


The President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, will share with the hemicycle his views on the State of the Union over the last 4 years with an exchange of views with all group leaders including Guy Verhofstadt.

The TRAN Committee will present and updated version of Commission’s report ‘Europe On The Move’, about mobility improvements and emissions control in the EU with the help of our shadow rapporteur Matthjis Van Miltenburg (NL).

We all know our motto ‘plastic is not fantastic’ and this week the ENVI MEPs will present a European Strategy for plastics in a circular economy with MEP Anneli Jäätteenmäki (FI) as our shadow rapporteur.


The IMCO report on Dual-Quality of products in EU’s single market will be voted in favour by the majority of the MEPs where Dita Charanzova (CZ) is our shadow rapporteur.

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