The Week Ahead 11–14 February 2019

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Second Plenary session of the year in Strasbourg, where MEPs will vote on several reports and ALDE leads as rapporteurs on many legislation files. Check our priorities below.


MEPs will vote for the implementation of the Treaty provisions related to EU Citizenship, which includes turning 9th of May, Europe Day, into a bank holiday in all Member States. This report is leaded by ALDE MEP Maite Pagazaurtundúa (ES).

The Plenary will discuss a programme for single market, competitiveness of enterprises and European statistics with ALDE MEP Jasenko Selimović (SE) as shadow rapporteur. MEPs will also debate on a comprehensive European industrial policy on artificial intelligence and robotics.

TAX3 Committee, chaired by MEP Petr Ježek (CZ), hosts a hearing on alleged financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance in Malta and you can watch it live. More info here.


An upgrade of the EU’s civil defence mechanism, tested to its limits in 2017 and 2018 by forest fires, storms and floods, will be put to a vote.

The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes will be debated at the plenary with ALDE MEP Catherine Bearder (UK) as our shadow rapporteur.

Minimum requirements for water reuse will be presented by the ENVI MEPs to the Plenary, along with an agreement to prevent unregulated high seas fisheries in the Central Arctic Ocean, a report by ALDE MEP Norica Nicolai (RO).


The debate on the Future of Europe will continue this time with Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Pay attention to our social media platforms to hear our group’s President Guy Verhofstadt intervention.

MEPs will decide whether to approve the free trade and investment protection agreements between the EU and Singapore, which will remove virtually all tariffs between the two parties within five years and allow for free trade in services.

The Plenary will discuss, and vote on Thursday, for an update on the Motor Insurance Directive, with MEP Dita Charanzová (CZ) as rapporteur, which obliges all motor vehicles in the EU to be covered by a compulsory third party insurance.


Following reports about the ill-treatment of transported animals, MEPs will look into ways to improve their welfare and are set to call on EU member states to better enforce existing EU rules protecting transported animals, apply tough penalties for offenders and improve transport conditions. Fredrick Federley (SE) is our shadow rapporteur in this file.

Parliament will vote on a new law putting an end to the discrimination that payment service users in the EU outside the Eurozone face. Banks would need to charge equally for cross-border payments in euro and domestic payments and make currency conversion costs more transparent.

Source:, EP

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