The Week Ahead 11–15 March 2019

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The first out of two Plenary Sessions this month is about to start and our MEPs will be very busy voting on the EU’s long-term strategy to fight climate change, cybersecurity and counteracting foreign propaganda in the context of the upcoming European Elections, unfair trading practices in the food chain as well as a reform of the European citizens’ initiative. MEPs will also continue the debate on the future of Europe with Slovakia’s Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini.


MEPs will discuss on establishing the European Solidarity Corps programme, with Teresa Giménez Barbat as our shadow rapporteur. A EU Cybersecurity Act will be also debated with Pavel Telička as shadow rapporteur.

Unfair trading practices in business-to-business relationships in the food supply chain will be also discussed in Plenary with ALDE’s Elsi Katainen as shadow rapporteur.


To face a possible no-deal agreement withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU, several files related to transport, employment, industry, fisheries and more will be debated and voted between Tuesday and Wednesday in Plenary.

Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini will debate with MEPs his vision of the future of the EU to ensure it delivers on citizens’ expectations. Watch out our social media channels for our group’s President Guy Verhofstadt speech.

In order to improve the tracking of non-EU nationals’ criminal records throughout the EU, MEPs will vote on a brand new EU information system and on the upgrade of another that will ensure information on border control and law enforcement is shared more efficiently and quickly.

The import of cultural goods from third countries to the EU will be voted with MEPs Jasenko Selimovic and Marietje Schaake as our shadow rapporteurs.


The hemicycle will vote on accessibility requirements for products and services for persons with disabilities, such as smartphones or ATMs, with MEP Morten Løkkegaard as rapporteur.

To protect European democracies from foreign actors spreading misinformation or misusing personal data, MEPs are set to introduce financial penalties for pan-European political parties and foundations that deliberately breach data protection laws and regulations.


MEPs will vote for the unequal all-male appointment of several candidates for EU top positions like the European Central Bank, nominated, something that ALDE really opposed to. See our MEP Jean Arthuis’ reaction below:

We are the pro-European political group in the EP fighting for your freedom, civil rights while securing economic growth and jobs.

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