The Week Ahead: 15–19 October 2018

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The Civil Liberties Committee will vote on two legislative proposals that aim to make information exchange and data sharing between the various EU information systems more effective and efficient on borders control.

The TAX3 Committee organizes a hearing about ‘Golden Visas and other national schemes providing tax privileges’, chaired by MEP Petr Ježek (CZ) and with the participation of MEP Wolf Klinz (DE). Watch live from 15h00 here.


MEP Teresa Giménez Barbat (ES) hosts the conference ‘Conversations on Science, Regulation and Society — The Future of Genome Editing in European healthcare systems, co-organised with the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) and Intellia Therapeutics. From 17.00–19.30 in room ASP A5G1.


ALDE Seminar: Defending the universality of Human rights. Worldwide, there are daily examples of attacks against the universality of Human rights as well as increased cases of violations, intimidation and harassment against human rights activist. Hosted by MEPs Petras Auštrevičius, Pavel Telička and Marietje Schaake. More info and registration here.

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The Development Committee organizes a conference about ‘Innovation and The Future of EU International Cooperation’, with the participation of MEP Charles Goerens (LU), EP DEVE Rapporteur, and the Co-Chair of the BMG Foundation Bill Gates and EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini. Watch live here.

MEP Javier Nart (ES) hosts the seminar ‘Chavismo: The Plague of the 21st Century’, in the Committee of Regions, with the participation of Veneuropa’s President Patricia Betancourt.


EU rules to protect precarious workers, including on-demand, voucher-based and platform workers, will be voted on by the Employment Committee. Proposals include more information on contractual terms, making work schedules more predictable, length of probationary periods and cost-free training. MEP Enrique Calvet Chambon (ES) is the rapporteur on this file.

New binding reduction targets for CO2 emissions produced by heavy-duty vehicles will be up for a vote by the Environment and Public Health Committee. CO2 emissions from trucks represent 6% of total EU greenhouse gas emissions.

ALDE Seminar: ‘The EU without borders — the potential of the European Cross Border Mechanism’. Hosted by MEPs Matthijs van Miltenburg (NL) and Iskra Mihaylova (BG). 140 million Europeans are living in inter-EU border regions, and while the single market has created growth and prosperity, overall in the EU the border regions are lagging behind. There is a great economic potential that is difficult to yield due to different administrative and legal practices. More info and registration here.

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MEP Angelika Mlinar (AT) hosts the seminar ‘Women’s Literature: Foundations for the Future’. With the participation of Dr Octavia Cox and author Meike Ziervogel. More info at:

Source: EP

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