The Week Ahead: 18–24 June 2018

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ALDE Group President Guy Verhofstadt will travel to Vienna along with the other group leaders to prepare the new Austrian Council Presidency for the EU. EP leaders will meet representatives of the Austrian Federal Government, Austria’s President Alexander Van der Bellen as well as representatives of the Austrian National Parliament and Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

MEP Beatriz Becerra will participate in the conference “The situation of the women detained against their will in Saharawi camps” in the EP in Brussels along with members from the other groups.


Legislative proposals to update current EU rules on copyright will be up for a vote by the Legal Affairs Committee. They aim to ensure that artists’ copyrighted works are well protected when they are accessed online. They will also vote on the legislation that deals with the challenges 3-D printing poses to intellectual property protection as well as health and safety.

The Public Health and Environment Committee will contribute to an Action Plan to fight antimicrobial resistance (AMR). AMR causes an estimated 25,000 deaths and €1.5 billion in extra healthcare costs every year in the EU.

Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs are set to urge EU countries to stand united against China’s attempts to take control of Europe’s strategic infrastructure and anchor their ties with China in respect for human rights and the rule of law.

MEP Frédérique Ries will participate in the conference “The humanitarian case of Hadar Goldin”, this Israeli lieutenant was 23 years old when he was killed while serving in a Givati Brigade commando unit in the Gaza strip in unclear conditions.

Turkey centers the attention at the EP with the conference “Killings at the Border, Forced Refugee Return and Denial of Access to Asylum. What role can the EU play to reverse Turkey’s refugee abuses?” with MEP Marietje Schaake co-hosting the event.


Speakers from IOM, OSCE and Europol, as well as the EU Anti-Trafficking coordinator and other experts, will debate with MEPs how to tackle human trafficking, particularly of children and women. The same day, the Civil Liberties Committee will discuss a report from the Europol Migrant Smuggling Centre.

TAX3 Committee holds at the EP in Brussels the conference “Lessons learnt from the Paradise Papers” with the intervention by MEP Maite Pagazaurtundúa. The first part will be devoted to analysing whether the “Paradise Papers” show loopholes in the EU tax legislation and the second will consist of a hearing with multinational corporations on alleged aggressive tax planning schemes within the EU.

Check out the full agenda here.

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