The Week Ahead: 2–4 May 2018

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This week the European Parliament in Brussels holds the so-called ‘Mini Plenary’ where our MEPs will be debating and voting several important reports.


The MFF (Multi-annual Financial Framework) will center Wednesday’s debates with proposals for the EU’s post-2020 long-term budget and revenue reform.

MEPs will debate a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics, within the EU itself, the sale of all animal-tested cosmetics has been banned since 2013. ALDE MEP Frédérique Ries urged Europe to launch a diplomatic drive & push for a United Nations Convention banning it worldwide before 2023. “Let’s extend the ban on animal testing for cosmetics. Done in the EU, let’s go global!”, she said.

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Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel will debate the future of Europe with MEPs and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. This is the fifth in a series of debates between EU government leaders and MEPs reflecting on the Future of the EU.

May 3 marks World Press Freedom Day and we will discuss it with some of our MEPs in live interviews and more. You can stay tuned in our Social Media profiles.

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