The Week Ahead: 24–28 September 2018

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The EU Budget for 2019 will centre the attention of this week’s parliamentary activity in Brussels. Check out the agenda below.


The Employment and Social Affairs Committee will vote a report by ALDE MEP Renate Weber on the role of Employee Financial Participation in creating jobs and reactivating the unemployed.


The Budgets Committee will adopt its proposed figures for the EU budget for next year. MEPs are set to prioritise boosting programmes which support student exchanges such as Erasmus+, small and medium-sized enterprises , research, trans-European networks, jobs and social innovation, and youth employment, as well as climate-related spending.

We will discuss the political situation in Romania in an exchange of views with Mr Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu, President of ALDE Romania and former Prime Minister of the country.


ALDE Seminar: “The rise of electric and the extra demand for power. How could Europe be best prepared?”. Hosted by MEP Dominique Riquet, this event will address the key issues that EU legislators have to be aware of, in order to facilitate a full transition to electric vehicles in a sustainable manner, in a scenario where main European car manufactures foresee all new models would be electric or hybrid from 2019. More info and register here.

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The TAX3 Special Committee will hold a hearing on how the EU has tackled tax evasion and avoidance in its relations with third countries, the ways to improve this policy, and a special focus on the future relations with the UK. Watch live here.

MEPs Maite Pagazaurtundúa and Javier Nart will host this seminar “Extortion. Terrorist financing: Black holes in the EU and the case of ETA in Spain” with Prof. Josu Ugarte, coordinator of the book “La Bolsa y la vida” (Stand and deliver! Your money and your life!), an in-depth study on how Basque terrorist group ETA financed in a stable way its decades of violence through illegal means.


The Committee of Foreign Affairs will debate who is the best candidate for the Sakharov Prize 2018 in a joint meeting with the Committee on Development and the Subcommittee on Human Rights.

The Committee on International Trade and the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection will vote on the Import of cultural goods.

The Liberties Committee will debate a report by ALDE MEP Cecilia Wiktröm on community statistics on migration and international protection.

Source: Alde and European Parliament.

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