The Week Ahead: 3–7 September 2018

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Busy week ahead with Committee meetings and our MEPs voting and debating about several important topics. See the highlights of this week below.


The Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee votes in favour for a regulation to have stricter control on goods entering the EU, specially toys and electronics, to make sure they comply with our safety and quality standards. MEP Jasenko Selimović is the ALDE shadow rapporteur on this file.

A new proposal aiming to fight fraud coming from non-cash payments (cards, direct debit, mobile payments) will be voted on by the Civil Liberties Committee. The draft law would introduce definition of cybercrime offences, minimum levels for the highest penalties, provisions for the rights of cybercrime victims and improve criminal justice cooperation.

The Economic Committee votes on the tax treatment of pension products, including the pan-European Personal Pension Product (INL), a report by our Vice-President Sophia In ‘t Veld.


Boriša Falatar, the presidential candidate for Bosnia, will visit the Parliament and his party, Naša Stranka, is member of the ALDE Group. His modern and multi-ethnic project is very necessary in a region where the triumph of liberal and European ideas is key to the consolidation of peace and the progress of western balkans. MEP Beatriz Becerra will welcome his visit.


The presidents of all the Parliament’s groups, including Guy Verhofstadt, will meet with Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to prepare the State of the Union debate which will take place next week in Strasbourg.

Source: EP

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