We fight for more transparent and predictable working conditions in the EU

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The Employment and Social Affairs Committee voted in favour of its report on the Commission’s proposal for a directive on transparent and predictable working conditions in the EU to update and improve comprehensive information which workers should now receive in a more reasonable time period and establish minimum rights for workers to address changes to the world of work while ensuring labour market adaptability and improving living and working conditions.

Between 4 and 6 million workers are on on-demand and intermittent contracts, many with little indication when and for how long they will work. Up to 1 million are subject to exclusivity clauses, preventing them from working for another employer.

MEP Enrique Calvet Chambon (ES), rapporteur on this file said:

“The time to develop minimum rules on working conditions for European citizens has arrived. These minimum rights matter to the life of 500 million Europeans, it’s a response to their expectations and will contribute to balance flexibility and security”.

This initiative is one of Commission’s key actions to follow up on the European Pillar of Social Rights, jointly proclaimed by the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission at the Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth.

Source: EC.

More info: david.vidal@europarl.europa.eu

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We are the pro-European political group in the EP fighting for your freedom, civil rights while securing economic growth and jobs. www.reneweuropegroup.eu

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