We must use the rule of law mechanism and we have called on the European Commission to take immediate action!

By Sandor Blaskó

MEPs Moritz Körner, Valérie Hayer & Katalin Cseh

🇪🇺 The European Parliament adopted this week a resolution initiated by our Group calling on the Commission to apply the Rule of Law conditionality mechanism in place since 1 January or otherwise face legal actions.

⚠️ This serves as a loud and clear warning: Upholding our EU values is not optional — it is in fact the obligation of the Commission as guardian of the treaties. The provisions on the mechanism are legally binding and they serve to protect EU funds from corruption — we will not accept further delays!

💶 Last year we fought tooth and nail for the mechanism to connect the EU’s budget to democratic values, and we will not rest before the battle is won. We are ready to defend the legal validity of the regulation before the European Court of Justice, and we will ask for a fast-track procedure. We have nothing to fear; the legality of the mechanism will stand. With this resolution the Parliament has given the Commission a deadline of 1 June to clarify how and in what cases they intend to apply the rules, as we have not seen any sign in the last four months that anything has been done to prevent abuses. Should the European Commission choose to play for time and be idle, we will take legal action. We must do everything we can to ensure that EU funds for the post-epidemic recovery are not pocketed by oligarchs and corrupted governments but that they actually end up with the intended recipients.

🛑 For the past decade the EU had precious few means to act against leaders who trampled on our common values. We have designed the rule of law mechanism so that corrupt governments cannot pocket EU funds and further destroy the state of democracy. Our message is simple: now we have a rule of law mechanism, let’s put it to use!

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