Who are the most relevant European personalities?

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Young people around Europe are aimed to choose their favourite European personalities This is initiative was created by professor and former liberals and democrats MEP Francisco Sosa Wagner and ALDE MEP Enrique Calvet Chambón took it to the Commission, who has materialized the project.

First 120 personalities can be nominated via Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #EUNarrative until this Sunday March 11. The candidates can come from any Member State and field, from politics to arts, from sports to science. They also can nominated for their achievements in the past, contribution at European level or for representing the EU values presently.

MEP Enrique Calvet Chambón said: “Europe is a community of values created by and for citizens of different nationalities and cultures but with a common history. It is very important that youngsters and new generations recognise the men and women from Socrates to the founding fathers. The core of the common values and culture aspects that we share and allow us to fight everyday for a big and united Europe.”

The European Youth organisation will pre-select 120 candidates out of whom, youngsters around Europe will choose their 60 favourites. The 60 final personalities will be disclosed in June at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and will be proposed to be studied in EU schools.

More info: david.vidal@europarl.europa.eu

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